Colours Part 2 – Colours and webdesign in detail

3 min read · Sep 15

Colours are way too important in design, no matter what field we are at. That’s why we dedicate more than one article to explore the topic and the true meaning of colours in design. Firstly, we consider how to discover Color Psychology, Cultural Connections, and Clever Color Combinations for Memorable User Experiences, now we are focusing on exact colours and the emotions behind them. 

Let’s move forward into it!

Fun fact: research indicates that individuals form their opinion about a product within 90 seconds or less, and a significant 90% of this judgment is influenced by color alone. Furthermore, studies reveal that color can enhance brand recognition by up to 80%.

It's not coincidental that numerous widely-used social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr, along with prominent tech brands such as Dell, IBM, HP, and Intel, feature blue logos. However, this doesn't automatically imply that blue is the ideal choice for your website. Even if blue is indeed the perfect fit for your site, it's crucial to consider the complementary colors and their placement.

The Lowdown on the Power of Red

Red isn't just a color; it's an emotional trigger. It has the remarkable ability to rev up your heartbeat and make you breathe a tad faster. Red brings to mind a whirlwind of emotions, from passionate love and high-energy excitement to, well, a few not-so-sunny associations like war, fire, anger, and danger.

When to Roll with Red

Feeling the need for some attention-grabbing oomph? Red's your wingman. Use it as a spotlight, an accent that screams, "Hey, check this out!" It's a match made in heaven for anything related to food, fashion, entertainment, sports, marketing, advertising, emergency services, and healthcare.

When to Give Red a Raincheck

But hold your horses, cowboy, don't go overboard with it. Too much red can be like an endless rollercoaster ride - thrilling but eventually exhausting. Save red for when it's truly needed. Luxury goods, nature-loving content, and professional services typically don't play well with red's fiery energy.


The Scoop on the Psychology of Yellow

Yellow, the ultimate attention-grabber. It's the high-voltage hue associated with mad skills, good vibes, unbridled optimism, and the fountain of youth. Yet, tread lightly, for yellow's dark side whispers tales of the spineless, the sly, and the budget-conscious.

When to Unleash the Yellow

When you're in need of a pep rally, look no further than bold yellow (in moderation) to electrify the atmosphere and spread smiles. Opt for soft, mellow yellows if you seek a more laid-back joyride. Yellow is your wingman when you want folks to zero in on those all-important call-to-action buttons.

When to Dial Down the Yellow

But beware, yellow can pack a punch. It's like a double espresso for the eyes. So, go easy on it. Too much yellow, or the wrong shade, might send a vibe of frugality or email spam. Keep it cool, keep it classy.


Unpacking the Magic of Orange

Orange, the wild child of colors. Bursting with energy and vibrance, it's all about the thrill, the joy, the heat, and the ambition. It's the life of the party, ready to make things sizzle, or quietly slip into caution mode.

When to Unleash the Orange

Want folks to jump into action? Call upon the dynamic power of orange. Whether it's "subscribe," "buy," or "sign up," orange is your go-to for commanding attention. It's the ace up your sleeve for ecommerce, automotive, tech, entertainment, cuisine, and childcare.

When to Tone Down the Orange

But remember, orange doesn't do subtle. It's like a firework show, dazzling but not for hours on end. So, keep your orange moments short and sweet. Too much of it, and you might startle the senses. Keep it cool, keep it balanced.


On the Green Scene

Green, the zen master of colors. It's the great equalizer, bringing balance and serenity to the table. Associated with growth, moolah, nature's embrace, and that sense of "Ahh, everything's gonna be alright." But don't let it fool you; it's got a few tricks up its sleeve, like envy and good fortune.

When to Unleash the Green

Green is a visual walk in the park. Use it when you're aiming for that "ahh" factor, whether it's relaxation or renewal, prosperity or nature's warm hug. It's your trusty sidekick for science, travel, healthcare, HR, the green scene, and all things sustainable.

When to Give Green a Rest

But hold your horses, high rollers; green doesn't roll in the big luxury leagues. It's not the tech whiz's top pick either. And if you're targeting teenage girls, it's not their cup of matcha latte. Keep it chill, keep it savvy.


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