Cracking the Code: Chill Methods for Remembering & Mastering Stuff

3 min read · Sep 15

Our world is running at high speeds. Let’s follow these simple hints below to utilize and exploit our braincapacity. Work or Fun, focus is the key again, let’s run life smoother! 


Exploring the Magic of Handwritten Notes

Now, let's dive into this intriguing study conducted by Princeton University back in 2014. Their mission? Unearth the ultimate note-taking hack. The classroom was split into two crews: the old-school pen-and-paper squad versus the tech-savvy digital gang.

Naturally, the pen-and-paper crew let out a collective sigh – scribbling away by hand can be a tad sluggish, might cramp up those fingers, and demands some real elbow grease. On the flip side, the digital bunch found typing to be a breeze – quick, convenient, and without the hand acrobatics. This led them to rack up notes twice as fast as their ink-and-paper counterparts.

So, what was the grand plan behind all this? The researchers were on a mission to figure out which approach planted the most info in students' brains. To their shock, when the semester dust settled, the paper-pushers scored twice as high as their laptop-loving peers.

The researchers weren't done, though. They hit rewind and ran the experiment twice more. First, an immediate quiz post-class, then a surprise test a week down the road. No matter the occasion, the scribblers stole the show, outsmarting the digital tappers every single time.

Ring a bell? 


Learning New Info

So, here's the scoop from their experiment: those researchers stumbled upon something seriously awesome that could totally shake up how we tackle learning and keeping juicy facts in our brains. They cracked the code and it's all about the "effort principle."

Briefly, the more hustle and time you pour into grabbing a nugget of info, the better shot you have at nailing down the deets for the long haul. In simple terms, the sweat you put in decides how much you'll remember and flex later on. 

It's like the secret weapon in the world of self-improvement where knowledge floods in from all sides. We're talking books, blogs, videos, and podcasts galore, all aimed at leveling up our skills and know-how. But seriously, what's the point if it doesn't stick? Any suprise? So let’s focus, that is what matters!


Train your brain by taking notes

Turns out, this simple move has effect when it comes to soaking up the juicy bits. You’re basicly tattooing those crucial lessons into your mind and giving them a VIP spot in memory bank.

Sure, note-taking styles are as varied as sneaker choices. Some folks swear by digital tools like Evernote or OneNote, while others roll with voice recorders or highlighter-wielding e-books. If you're an audiobook fan but find yourself losing the plot on the takeaways, why not give this note-taking jazz a shot? You might be surprised how much more juice you squeeze from each book and how your focus level skyrockets.


Wrapping it Up 

So, here's the lowdown: if you're up for boosting your brain game, the handwriting notes trick and the effort principle are your new BFFs. Put in the time and juice to jot stuff down, and bam! Your odds of remembering and slinging that info later soar. Whether you're old-school with pen and paper or vibin' with digital tools, forming this note-taking ritual is like unlocking a secret level in your brain.

And hey, don't stash all this wisdom in your mental treasure chest. Sharing is caring! Spread the knowledge to cement it even more. With these moves in your toolkit, you're leveling up as a lifelong learner and cruising smooth towards smashing your goals – both the personal and the pro ones.


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